World Events
Geneva will host business leaders from all over the world participating at the 15th International Star for Quality Convention. On September 20th and 21st photojournalists will cover the presentations made by company leaders, allowing recordings by videographers and coverage by photographers to appear in publications and in the broadcast media.

During the 15th International Star for Quality Celebration, the awards will be presented in the following three general categories:

  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond

Criteria on which the International Star for Quality is based:

  1. Excellence in Leadership and Business Management
  2. Quality and Excellence
  3. Business and Brandname Prestige
  4. Technology, Innovation and Expansion

Geneva is the city which will welcome business leaders from all over the world to participate in an international forum at the International Star for Quality Business Meeting, where business contacts and opportunities to spread your name in the business world will be endorsed by the International Star for Quality Geneva 2014 .

The image of a leader is linked to businessmen from 179 countries worldwide.
The endorsement of the International Quality Award symbol, incorporated in company literature and publications, allows you to become a part of the ever-growing international group of companies whose leaders have gained recognition and public awareness of their purpose through belonging to the Quality awardees in 74 countries. This recognition provides support for those actions forecast and implemented by the chief executive officer, owners, partners or directors to increase the company's reputation as a market leader and 'brandname' image.

Companies from all over the world vote for winners
The information obtained about companies awarded by B.I.D. corresponds to the voting process carried out at three levels: voting by the B.I.D. council, votes from companies previously awarded, contacts with participating voters by phone, fax, email and post, and public voting carried out through the on-line poll. Information obtained corresponds to external actions and evaluations rather than an internal audit.

The following criteria guides the voting process:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Communication Strategies
  • Benchmarking
  • Information and Data Analysis
  • Leadership
  • Planning and Decision-making
  • Human Resources
  • Continuing Education and Training
  • Processes and Production
  • Financial Outcome
  • Business Results
  • ISO 9000
  • TQM

Face to face encounters with future partners or clients.
Approximately 150 delegates from companies all over the world offering different focuses on how to develop business, gather every year in this famous event, to exchange ideas, discuss subjects related to carrying on business and make deals.
The recipients of the International Star for Quality represent a force in the business world offering opportunities to reach agreements with professionals from different countries and even different continents. This international forum provides a background for business presentations through which commercial relations can be initiated, making the Quality Award a basis for new relations.

B.I.D. headquarters in Madrid, Spain, is visited weekly by heads of companies worldwide.
B.I.D. receives heads of companies every week of the year in our central offices in Madrid.
B.I.D. provides support in the media for companies having received an award. This covers many facets of business communication, including specially designed television interviews, attendance at trade fairs, consultation for exporting products or services, quality program assessment or for the award presentation itself.

A Public Relations Paradise
Geneva can also be a workplace that offers unforgettable sites and entertainment. You can visit the world-famous attractions with its legendary hotels and gourmet restaurants. The exciting Convention events and the prestige of just being at the most important convention makes Geneva the most 'public relations' effective place in the world. More and more managers and innovative companies are now inviting the clients they most want to keep and satisfy.

A few days in Geneva increase benefits for the year 2014
The presentation of your company in the year 2014, at the International Star for Quality Business Meetings, a meeting point for executives from different business environments, leaders of industry, investors and entrepreneurs, is a very effective way to promote your company, its products and services before an international audience.

Geneva: The International Star for Quality Business Meeting Point
The presentations of companies receiving the International Star Award for Quality 2014 , creates an atmosphere within the structure of the Convention conducive to informal meetings, grounds on which to reach agreements, meet emerging companies and promote your own company.

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